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Nicsysco - Bits Project

What We Do

Database Architects

Model, Design, Build, Implement and Optimize databases containing hundreds of terabytes of data with lightning retrieval and millions of transactions per minute without any locks.

Real Time Intelligence

Our BI-Stack uses patent pending ElementCube data repositories, producing real-time data to BI dashboards, making critical analyses of remote, time-critical events possible.

High Capacity Data Streams

Our ability to ETL massive amounts of real-time global data into central repositories increasingly enhance innovation and sound busines strategy and planning.

Interactive Classic ASP Pages

With more than 1.3 billion classic ASP pages still in operation and with Microsoft's continued support, complex classic ASP pages can be made interactive without costly redesign and upgrades.

Database Optimization

Optimizing databases require expert skills and knowledge acquired after thousands of optimizations.

Dramatic performance increases have saved customers millions of dollars in operating and expansion costs.

Secure Data and Communications. Really!

We could not yet find a security expert who could hack our emails, data, and other communications.

That's the kind of security one would expect from 21st century technology.

Enterprise Support

Unlimited, on-line support for workstations, servers, and other devices, including data backup, central virus and cyber attack protection, Office 365 with upgrades, and stealth email all included in a very affordable package.


Unified Communications all in one App. Voice, Text, Video, the whole package with super security. Disable social media censure alogrithms. Pay for promotions, get all you pay for.


The Future of BI Resources

Introducing ElementCube, our patent-pending, lightning fast, highly efficient, very large capacity Business Intelligence and engineering analysis platform.

ElementCube provides engineers and analysists with querying capabilities into real-time, multi-trillion data-point repositories with the added capability of developing ad hoc metrics to alert changing events, such as sales trends, machine units' temperature changes, and answer what-if questions instantly.

No longer do analysts or managers have to wait for a cube to refresh or background aggregations to complete to get answers.

Merchandizing changes can be instantly monitored as customer behavior adapts to sales floor modifications.

Our Portfolio

  • ONeil
  • AFF American Fast Freight
  • Pacific Western Bank
  • Clipper Windpower
  • Bank of America
  • Countrywide
  • JBA Group
  • Laurel Springs School
  • The Kern Organization
  • Blue Wave Solutions
  • EHS Medical Group
  • Calstart
  • Lavi Systems, Inc.
  • Time Warner Cable Business Class
  • Aramark
  • State of Delaware
  • Robert Half Technology
  • Law Offices of Ball and Yorke
  • The Diamond Line
  • MobilSense
  • Clifford
  • Ameritech College
  • Los Angeles County Health Services
  • IMS - International Management Systems
  • Aids Marathon
  • CED
  • Randstad
  • StaffIT, Inc.
  • Peerless Materials Company